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A Roadtrip Through Ireland

Bijgewerkt: 25 jul 2020

Last year I hopped on a plane to Dublin for a four day road trip adventure. I had plans to make another travel guide video. I was really excited to visit as many places as possible to attempt making one of those beautiful cinematic travel videos. Unfortunately things didn't really go as planned. So, that video never happened. But I just couldn't leave it at that. I have seen some beautiful sights during those few days and I've decided to simply share it in a blog. Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Or is it a place you have on your bucket list? (you really should.) Keep reading for a little bit of inspiration for your future trip!

It's worth a visit off season

I visited Ireland in February. And I'm sure the weather can be horrible around that time of year. Luckely when I visited it was a really beautiful couple of days. The first morning I spend there I soaked up the winter sun on a beautiful and quite beach with a nice cup of coffee.

So make sure you check the forecast beforehand but I would definitely say it's worth it visiting Ireland off season. Populair tourist attractions were almost empty and that made for some beautiful photos. But even when the sun isn't shining, some dark clouds kind of fit with the country don't they? Making it all moody and straight out of fantasy novel.

Just outside of Dublin

It's very likely your flight brings you to Dublin. One of my favorite places there is the Old Library at Trinity College. But there is so much more to see and do! Like visiting the Guinness Storehouse or eating some scones.

The first time I visited Dublin I really wanted to see more of the countryside but didn have the time. This time I made sure I did. Now my friend and I had rented a car for these few days but I have also seen some day tours from the city with a bus or you could simply take public transport. So if you're looking for a day away from the city I might have a suggestion.

On only a 40 minute drive you can find the coastal town Bray. I hadn't planned on visiting the place but we stopped there for breakfast before heading to our main attraction: The Powerscourt Estate. Bray was such a pleasant surprise though and I'm sure there is a lot more to explore in the surrounding area. We got there early on a Sunday morning. The sun was shining and there weren't a lot of people outside yet. We had some breakfast and walked along the beach. There are also some nice hiking trails in the area but unfortunately I didn't have the time. If you do, explore them and let me know how it was! The Powerscourt Estate has some wonderful nature around to explore. The Estate itself has several gardens, like an Italian and a Japanese garden. And 6 km from the main Estate you can find Irelands highest waterfall.

The famous cliffs of Moher

At the Westcoast of the country you can find the Cliffs of Moher. You have probably seen or heard about these cliffs. The cliffs are featured in various shows and films (like the Princess Bride and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince). There are hiking routes along the top of the cliffs and you can find all kinds of birds (like cute Puffins) and other wildlife. I only had about an hour there so we just visited O'Briens Tower. It was under construction at the time but they have finished the restorations so if you visit now you can climb the tower once again! Lucky you.

They also care a lot about conservation and sustainability. Want to know how you can help while visiting the cliffs? Read more on their website: https://www.cliffsofmoher.ie/environment/sustainability-at-the-cliffs/

Killarney National Park.

Our last stop on the west side of the country before going back to Dublin was Killarney National Park. You can easily spend a full day or several days here depending on what you like to do. I fell in love with Muckross House. A nineteenth century estate located within the park. Another place with beautiful gardens, a big lake in front of it and also a nice restaurant for a break before exploring the rest of the park. We also visited Torc Waterfall and Ross Castle. We went for a little hike to get to the waterfall and you had some beautiful views from up the mountain. The Castle was closed when we got there, it was still nice to walk around but I would really just recommend looking it up on google if you're into exploring castles. There wasn't much to see from the outside and I belive they have boats there during the summer months which seemed fun.

Let me end this post by saying: please try to take it easy! Racing from the east to the west coast in just 2 days was not ideal. And although I have seen some amazing spots I didn't take the time to fully appreciate these places. So I hope that when you visit them, you will!

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